How to Quadruple Your Money: All Play No Work

Did your BS meter turn on?

I know mine would have.  But read on…

This is the strategy that I enjoy the MOST to make more money.

I’ve used the extra money to dine out for all my meals, get a massage 5x a week, and spend time doing what I love.  Below, I’ll show you how.

But, Here’s the catch: There are three criteria to make this happen.

  1.  A sense of adventure
  2. Willingness to be open-minded
  3. Time

Here is the secret to multiplying your money:


Yes, doing the one thing that most people want to do will make you rich!

The reason why is described by a fancy word made famous by Tim Ferriss called geoarbitrage: “to exploit global pricing and currency differences for profit or lifestyle purposes.”

Let’s break this down.

Money is simply a medium that can be exchanged for goods and services.  Now if you can exchange your medium (currency exchange) and buy quadruple the amount of goods and services, you have just multiplied your money.

Of course, you can’t use the strategy for all countries, but here’s a list of some places this will work:

Southeast Asia
South America
Central America

Note: This strategy works best for long term travel of at least 3 months.

I recently went on a trip across China and it surprised me how cheap things were.

Here’s the breakdown of some prices:

Month rent of 2 bedroom apartment: $64
Average meal at restaurant: $2
1 Hour Massage: $8
T-shirt: $2
Month Rent and 3 Organic Meals / Day: $145

Think about it.  For less than a McDonald’s Big Mac meal, your food and lodging can be covered for the whole day!

Bonus: While on these trips, you can possibly make good connections with people who live in other countries: Europe, Australia, Sweden, etc.  If you had a good time, there’s a good chance that they’ll show you around their country if you ever travel that way, making it a lot less expensive.

Now how can YOU make this happen?  It comes back to the three criteria: A sense of adventure, willingness to be open, and time.

When the moment is right, take the leap and go explore a whole new world.  You might discover more than you think.

Now where can you see yourself traveling to?

P.S.  Learn how you can get round trip tickets for extremely cheap here.

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